Why can't admins edit closed tickets?



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    Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Billie - 

    Yes, the product teams have heard this request a number of times, and those threads are locked as they have decided that it is not something they will be undertaking in the foreseeable future. 

    Each time the product teams have evaluated requests around editing they've found that the drawbacks of what would be involved with rebuilding the core product in this way (how many resources would have to be allocated, how many other innovations and development projects would have to be halted for extended periods of time, how many other features might be impacted) it has proven not to be a sensible project to pursue. 

    They very much understand users' reasons why they wish to be able to edit closed tickets, and value the feedback we've received. However, they are not reconsidering this decision at this point in time. If and when they are able to do so, we will initiate a new post soliciting feedback. 



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