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  • Andrew J
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    You can add a private update to the ticket using a trigger and target.

    First you would need to create a private comment URL target.

    Find this in Extensions > Add Target > URL Target

    URL Target looks like below.  Full URL is{{}}.json?ticket[comment][public]=false


    Then create a trigger or triggers with the conditions you need, and set the actions to perform.

    For your private note, include Notify Target, with the above created target and the content you want added.

    You could trigger this on ticket creation only, and or for a specific organisation etc.

    You set the parameters using the Trigger options available.

    Hope this helps.

  • Dan Cooper
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    Here are a few ways that I've solved for this (one of them is API, but you can get some of the benefits without it). 

    1. Add a user and/or organization field for Important Notes.
    2. Install the User Data application and show the custom field in the app.  It can be configured to show organization fields in addition to user fields. 

    This will expose the field in the sidebar for each user/organization and can be hidden by default if you don't need the field. 

    If you have the Important Notes field you can also use it as a trigger condition by checking if the field is present.  You'll need to create a HTTP target similar to what Andrew shows above.  Replace the URL with the below url (changing test out for your subdomain).{{}}.json

    Change the Attribute Name to value

    You'll need a trigger to notify the target. 

    Your conditions under ALL would look like: 

    • Ticket | Is | Created
    • Important Note | Present

    Set your action up as:

    • Notify Target | (your previously configured target here)
    • JSON Body | (as shown in the code below)

    Change important_note below to whatever the field key for your field is.  If you use a user field, you'll need to change organization to requester

    "body":" ==== **Important Note** ====\n{{ticket.organization.custom_fields.important_note}}",
    "public": false

    This would allow for that same field to add a private comment to any ticket that is created for an organization that has your important note field populated. For organizations that have an empty field, nothing happens. 

    Beyond this, I have an app that uses the notify Zendesk App Framework action to prompt an alert if the field is populated when the ticket is loaded.  This was a use case that was small and approachable for me to get started writing apps, if there is an appetite, it might be worthwhile for your team if you find notifications valuable enough.  You might also find that someone on the marketplace has done this for you.  Check around and you may find something that will fill this gap on popping a notification on ticket load. 

  • Andrew J
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    Good extension Dan.  I don't consider using the inbuilt target as an API solution - not like you have to build anything :)

    I like how you can create independent notes for each user or org.  Nice!

  • Stassa Miller
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    Dan Cooper

    Love the idea, but I keep getting this error: Error during transmission: HTTP client call failed


  • Dan Cooper
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    Stassa Miller, thanks for the heads up.  I put the wrong target in the example above.  It should have been an HTTP Target and not a URL Target.  I've updated the above comment with the correct details.  Hope that works! 


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