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  • Andreas Schuster
    Community Moderator

    Hi Paddy Master,

    Zendesk does not support such calculations out of the box, however, most simple stuff can be done with business rules. Did you already check out the triggers? These things are basically IF-THEN statements.

    I can imagine that you should be able to achieve your requirements with 4 of them: Prio1, Prio2, Prio3, Prio4.


  • Yamile Martinez

    Hi Paddy,

    We created a matrix for our Priority based on Impact and Urgency.  The Rows and Columns are the Impact and Urgency choices.  The cell where the row and column meet, will be the results of the priority.

    As an example:  (*)These are fields in the submittal form as a customer dropdown selection

    (*)Urgency: High number of Transactions, Multiple number of Transactions, Few number of Transactions

    (*)Impact:  System Down, Serious Degradation of system, Moderate impact to Business, limited impact to Business (Question)

    The highlighted first option chosen for both Urgency and Impact will give you an Urgent Priority.

    For the matrix you would have Urgency as columns, Impact as rows. 

                                                          High number            Multiple number             Few Number

                                                          of Transactions        of Transactions              of Transactions

    System Down                                URGENT                 HIGH                                NORMAL

    Serious Degradation of system   HIGH                       NORMAL                          NORMAL

    Moderate impact to Bus               NORMAL                 NORMAL                          NORMAL

    Limited impact to Bus                  NORMAL                 NORMAL                           LOW

    In an Excel, populate the cell with the priority you want.  Once all this has been completed for the choices, you then go to the Triggers section and create a trigger for each condition.


    Impact      is     System Down

    Urgency    is     High Number of Transactions

    Priority      is     -


    Priority         Urgent


    You do this for all conditions on the Matrix.  Please note you can combine a set of Urgent and Impact conditions if the Priority is the same with the "OR" condition in the trigger.  

    I set this up since the beginning and it works like a charm!





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