Triggers With SLA Tiered Replies



  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator

    Hi Jeremy Heath,

    Without looking at the sum total of your instance setup, the few glances you've given us look like what I would have put in myself. Bravo! What I like about this solution, while it could seem complicated from some points of views, is that it is very vanilla and therefore easy to troubleshoot and update should anything change.

    Side note: I like how you've organized your Triggers. That helps a LOT.

    I think I'd actually suggest you consider creating a Tips & Tricks article because a scenario like yours is not necessarily out in left field! It sounds a lot like 2 of the instances I manage....




  • Jeremy Heath

    Heather Rommel

    Thanks at least we are on the right track

    I label them like that to break them up, Its still a shame i have to create a fake trigger for a divider, or we don't have folder tier layout for that section like Windows explorer with sub folder then i could group them under headings instead..


    I add the tags to the triggers so when I'm tracking down an issue i can look in the ticket and refer to my triggers easier.

    I use very particular naming conventions across the board

    Orgs are org-etc etc

    Triggers are triggers-etc etc

    Macros are macro-etc etc

    And so on because if it flags a given macro as an issue, I can go straight to it with ease


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