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  • Marie-Cathrine Sørensen
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    Hi Diego,

    Just to be clear, what you want is a report that displays the ticket with the longest violation/breach time for First Reply Time?

    If that is the case, this might be a solution:

    1. Select SLA dataset
    2. Select metric SLA metric breach time (hrs)
    3. Select attribute (rows) Ticket ID
    4. Apply filter SLA metric and select First Reply Time
    5. Select table as visualization type
    6. Click on result manipulation (↓↑) and select Sort
    7. Select Value Descending
    8. Click on the go back arrow and select Top/Bottom
    9. Select Top and enter 1 as the value

    This will give you the Ticket ID of the ticket with the largest breach time for First Reply Time along with the breach time itself. 

    #helpsome regards,
    Marie-Cathrine Sørensen
    Business Intelligence Analyst @


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