Splitting Single Brand into Multiple Brands


  • Andrew Soderberg
    Community Moderator

    Brands are more of a customer facing element (separate Guides KB, template designs, with their own URLs). We have two brands on production, and currently 3 brands in our Sandbox. The backend (agent and admin) side is still all your one Zendesk instance. The triggers and ticket forms and views are all together in the same place. The administration is all the same as you have it now. There are just some added settings for brands and selectors for filtering and routing by brand (views, triggers, automations, forms). 

    If you name everything well, your brands will allow you some organization to keep it all reasonably managed. 

    I have been telling everyone I know at Zendesk that now that they have this multi brand capability, they have finally out grown the current UI/UX to properly administer Zendesk instances. This part is not fun anymore. 

    The customer experience is great, the agent experience is great (if you have built the workflows effectively). It is time for the admin experience to get an overhaul. Not just a facelift. 

  • Sagi M. Welzman

    Andrej Andrej
    I truely agree 

    administering 5 Brands feels like a mine field when setting Contextual Workplaces, Macros, Triggers, views . 

    I hope its on Zendesk's roadmap  

  • Devan - Community Manager
    Zendesk Community Team

    Sagi M. Welzman,

    While we have nothing to report on right now regarding the roadmap of Support for Brands. I would recommend posting your feedback on our Support Feedback forums so our devs can consider it for future updates.

    Best Regards. 

  • Sagi M. Welzman

    Thanks Devan 


    Will do 

    I wonder why I have "You're not authorized to access this page"  in the link you sent 🤔


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