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  • Sebastian

    Also Zendesk Support explains us that they can't help us with custom themes. Well, it worked before and now zendesk doesn't deliver the code part responsible for the success message anymore when it's an anon user.

  • Gorka Cardona-Lauridsen
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Sebastian

    Thank you for your feedback.

    I agree that the message is not displayed very clearly and apologize for the inconvenience it has caused. We will make it more prominent and make it stick longer to make sure it will be noticed. 

    The reason we changed the appearance of the message is to make a clearer distinction between customizable parts of the experience and non customizable parts.

    We have not been able to reproduce that the message does not appear at all. Could you provide a link to the help center were you experience this?

    To answer your last question, you unfortunately can't provide your own success page.

  • Sebastian

    Hello Gorka,

    I opened a ticket and hope it reaches you.

    So when I see it correctly, the old notification code was part of the theme code, is the new popup code part of the theme code as well?

    With the old notif code I could imagine editing the code and allowing it to show every other message normally but when a successfully sent ticket message appears then it loads some JS and changes the page or puts an overlay popup over all the page. So being able to inform the user that we received it with 100% safety that he read it. Plus we being able to tell them some rules like "Creating more tickets can not speed up the response time." and similar things.

    Best regards,

  • Sebastian

    Hello again,

    This new system is just a big problem for us. We constantly get multiple tickets because user doesn't see a success message. Also now it reroutes back to the homepage which looks even worse. The contact form looks buggy and as if it didn't work. Also in case a popup appears, it will vanish again. So sending and checking afterwards if everything was sent fine just gives you nothing. It shows the homepage. Can't really be worse.

    Please just change everything back. With the old system we could at least adjust the success message to be more visible. Now we have no chance at all.

    This is affecting our business negatively.

    Thank you!


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