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  • Andreas Schuster
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    Hi Karen Stark,

    Which ticket stats are you referring to?

    Most built-in statistics count every ticket which does not have the hidden status deleted.

    I think you have two options here:

    • Flag those tickets with a tag and delete them once per week.
      (Set them to on-hold with your trigger, rather solved so that they aren't getting closed.)

    • Flag those tickets with a tag and create your own metrics, but exclude the spam.

    I would go with option #1


  • Karen Stark
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    Thanks for your response! I am hoping to exclude them from counting as new tickets, as well as removing them from solved ticket stats. I would like to count only legitimate inquiries from our clients as new tickets, ideally.


  • Brett - Community Manager
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    Hey Karen,

    Which reporting system are you using to pull this data? The built in reports won't give you the ability to filter these ticket out, however, if you're using Insights or Explore you can tag these tickets and then exclude those tagged tickets from your reports. More information on tag reporting below:

    I hope this helps!


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