My emails are not syncing in Zendesk Sell. I cannot see replies or emails sent outside of Zendesk.


  • Emma Bliska

    Hey Nathan– Emma here, with the Sell Support team. Thanks for your question! Since this is a specific troubleshooting issue, I have gone ahead and created a ticket for you. Check your email, and we can get started 👍


  • Emma Bliska

    Hi Nathan,

    Thanks for reaching out to the Sell Community regarding your email issue. I want to take a look in your account - do you mind if I log into your Sell account?



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  • Katie Dougherty
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Nathan,

    Thank you for reaching out!

    My understanding is that all the emails you have sent are to Leads or Contacts in the account.   If not, please check the untracked email section of your Communication Center!  Any conversations with email addresses that are not in your account will be stored in that section (not in your inbox) until you add them as Leads or Contacts.

    If you are still experiencing this issue after reviewing the troubleshooting steps below, I would suggest reaching out to the Zendesk Sell Support Team.  They would be happy to investigate a potential bug in your account and work through specific examples that should not be shared in a public forum.

    1. The first troubleshooting step is to use the global search bar to locate a specific email address in your account.  If you have an email address listed on multiple contacts in your account, this setup will interfere with the email integration.  Zendesk Sell only stores email conversations in one place so please remove any duplicates. 
    2. The second important note about Zendesk Sell’s email integration is that it mirrors your email server. If you want emails sent outside of the system to appear in your account, they must be in your external inbox or sent folder.  In other words, please do not delete replies you have received outside of Sell, otherwise, they will not show up in your account.
    3. Lastly, please confirm your email server settings with your Admin and see if you have a unique configuration.  Email issues specific to outbound or inbound emails not syncing can indicate that you integrated the incorrect SMTP or IMAP port/server.

    Feel free to review this relevant support article for more troubleshooting steps on missing emails -

    Have a great rest of your day!


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