Chart with number of requesters with N amount of created tickets



  • Marie-Cathrine Sørensen
    Community Moderator

    Hi Alfredo,

    I just tried creating a custom attribute that displays the number of tickets per requester based on the 'Agent replies' brackets.

    Here is how to create the query and custom attribute: 

    1. Select the 'Ticket' dataset

    2. Select 'Requesters' as the metric

    3. Create a custom attribute based on the following and add it as a row:

    IF (VALUE(Tickets)=1)
    THEN "1"
    ELIF (VALUE(Tickets)=2)
    THEN "2"
    ELIF (VALUE(Tickets)=3)
    THEN "3"
    ELIF (VALUE(Tickets)=4)
    THEN "4"
    ELIF (VALUE(Tickets)>4 AND VALUE(Tickets)<=10)
    THEN "5-10"
    ELIF (VALUE(Tickets)>10)
    THEN ">10"
    ELSE "0"

    4. Set 'Visualisation type' to columns

    I hope this helps :)

    #helpsome regards,
    Marie-Cathrine Sørensen
    Business Intelligence Analyst @


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