Custom SLA - Ticket Creation Date to Ticket First Assigned



  • Hillary Latham
    Community Moderator

    Hey Todd, have you tried using the DATE_DIFF function?

  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    Moving to Explore is a struggle at first. Just keep with it and you will be fine. You can clone the Zendesk provided dashboards and then look at how their queries have been put together and try to recreate them or have a look at the getting started with Explore articles.

    I am going to simplify your question just to look at the timestamp part of it.

    Create a new custom Standard Calculated Attribute:

    IF DATE_DIFF([Ticket first assigned - Timestamp],[Ticket created - Timestamp],"nb_of_minutes") < 2*60 then
    ELSE "Breach"

    For tickets passing your target it returns 'OK'. For failing tickets, it returns 'Breach'


    • D_Count(Tickets)


    • Your new attribute


    • Ticket Group

    To express as percentages, go to Result Manipulation> Result Path calculation and select Percentage of Total, On Columns.

    You can easily substitute Group for assignee in this query. But 'first assigned agent' is not held in the dataset. You would need to calculate that, so the assigned agent is not necessarily the one that was first assigned.


  • Todd Holtmann

    Thank you both for your help.   That's exactly what I was wanting in a much simpler approach than what I was looking at.


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