Routing tickets to group per selection of a specific field


  • Dan Ross
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    Hey Aric,


    That's a tough one. In Zendesk, you'd need to create three triggers with a LOT of different conditions in the 'Any are true' category.

    What I'd consider doing with a list this large to manage is to create the trigger (and all its conditions) via the API

    It'd take a bit of time to prepare the API message you'd send to do this, but I expect it'd be much less time that dealing with the UI in Zendesk to manually add and select all these categories. 

    Alternatively, you could create a small service to route your tickets. You could push the Ticket ID/Model Prefix # via the Notify Target action on a trigger when the ticket is created and have it consult its own internal list. If it finds a match in a list, then it can send an update via the API to the change the ticket group. This would be a bit of dev work, but would make for cleaner triggers and easier adjusting of which groups handle which prefixes in the future.

    Hope one of those helps!


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