Calculating Time Between Dates in Organization Profile



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    Taylor Bowser
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    Hey Travis! 

    Thanks for reaching out in the Community! I was able to adjust this formula slightly and successfully capture the number of days between the Go Live Date and Churn Date using a standard calculated metric. Give this formula a try: 

    IF (([Go Live Date - Date] != NULL) AND ([Churn Date - Date] != NULL))
    DATE_DIFF([Churn Date - Date],[Go Live Date - Date],"nb_of_days")
    DATE_DIFF(TODAY(),[Go Live Date - Date],"nb_of_days")


    Hope this helps! 

  • Travis Tubbs
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    A bit of a late response on my part but I have to say adding the above still gave me query errors when adding as a custom metric attribute.

    But for some reason, when I deleted my custom attribute and added the above as a new custom attribute, it worked!

    So, yeah. Let's go with that! Thanks, Taylor!

  • Travis Tubbs
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    Quick little note on my response above. Turns out I don't receive any errors if I add the Go Live Date and Churn Date as attributes along with the custom Total days live attribute. I'm confused as to why I would need to add to make this work properly but it works, so sure. Why not.


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