Chat Dataset values vs. Tickets Dataset chat channel



  • Brandon Tidd
    Community Moderator

    Hi BAKO,

    Sorry to hear you're having trouble - dealing with datasets can be... difficult!  A couple of observations:

    When you're working with the chats dataset, you're actually working with the Chat ID metric... these are created the moment an end-user engages the chat experience.  More information is available regarding that here.

    When you're working with the tickets dataset, you're working with the Ticket ID metric and filtering by the Channel attribute.  This means if someone started a chat session that didn't lead to a ticket, the numbers (metrics) would differ.  More information is available regarding that here.

    One thing to call out is that (somewhat counterintuitively) chat sessions that are introduced via the web widget actually get bucketed under the Channel attribute "Web."   This alone might be creating your discrepancy.

    To troubleshoot specifically, I would recommend looking at a specific date range where a known mismatch exists.  Then, drill through both metrics and figure out which Chat IDs didn't create Ticket IDs.  You should then be able to go specifically to those chat sessions via the chat history and figure out what they have in common.

    Hope this helps!



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