Add more than one requester at the same ticket



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    Daniel Schultz
    Zendesk Customer Success

    Hey Rodrigo Rosa de Oliveira,

    While there isn't functionality for having two requesters on the same ticket, you could depending on your use-case, make problem tickets. 

    As a best practice, you could create an incident that links the initial "problem." This way, when the feature you mentioned comes to the product, you can send one response to the "problem" and all of the "incidents" will receive the same response. Check out working with problem and incident tickets.

    If you were to add a "requestor" to the ticket, it would share user data/information that you may not necessarily want shared amongst your users. You wouldn't add them as a requestor, as much as you would add them as a CC. This is how you would configure CC and follower permissions.

    For your analyst, I would recommend creating a custom ticket field that way your analyst can pull data from your tickets and run reports based on what your end users are writing in about. This is the information reporting with custom fields.

  • Rodrigo Rosa de Oliveira

    Hello Daniel Schultz,


    Ok, I will check it out.


    Thank you!

  • Yaniv Dayan

    Any Update with that? 

    "While there isn't functionality for having two requesters on the same ticket" - I disagree. We usually use more than one requesters.


  • Daniel Schultz
    Zendesk Customer Success

    Hi Yaniv Dayan,

    Within Zendesk Support, a ticket can only have a single requestor. Systematically it is not possible to have multiple requestors listed on a single ticket. You can utilize the CC & Followers if you would like to have multiple people included in replies, but there can only be a single person who claims ownership over the ticket. Alternatively, you could utilize the problem and incident tickets to relate multiple tickets to a single problem.

    In instances where there are multiple requestors, each of those requestor's tickets would be considered incidents, and their unified message/issue would be considered the singular problem that the incidents are linked to.


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