Agents are the only ones who request tickets?


  • Andrew J
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    Hello Teagan,

    1) There are any number of situations where you may wish to set up a trigger based on certain agents. However, you can accomplish what you are asking by tagging the users you want to do this for with something like vip_status in their profile.  This is then placed on any of their new tickets, and you can use the tag as your trigger condition. 

    2) I'm not clear on what limited number of agents you are referring to.  Zendesk charges by agents licenses - so you purchase more to get more... or is this not the point?

    3) Search for the agent - then change them to a user (not agent), or delete them as shown below


    4) If you are referring to signing in to this forum - you should be able to create an account using the same details as your helpdesk - however Zendesk may have different authentication requirements to individual Zendesk instances - which have some options in most if not all plans. They do not SSO to your Zendesk instance.

    What were you wanting to filter requests by?  There are certainly more options than just agents - but maybe a plan limitation?  What plan are you on?

    We're here to help.  I am one of the community moderators - not a Zendesk employee - just another user.

  • Karen D Snyder
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    I just wanted to chime in here that according to, it's better to downgrade an agent to user and then suspend them, than to delete the agent.


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