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  • Brett - Community Manager
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    Hey Jessica,

    You'll want to create a trigger that will auto-tag these tickets based on the channel they're created from. Then you can create a report that lists tickets by tag.

    The trigger condition you'll look for is Channel > is > web-widget/closed ticket/etc.

    More information tag reporting here: Reporting with tags

    Let me know if you have additional questions for me!

  • Jessica Strozyk
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    Hi Brett,

    thanks for the suggestion. One more question, is there a way to see the "received via" any other way than in the print preview of a ticket? I created a view with the tickets of interest, but unfortunately the channel also shows "web form" when the ticket is received via "closed ticket". It would be really helpful, if I would not have to open each individual ticket to see how it was received.


  • Brandon Tidd
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    Building on Brett's suggestion - you might be able to create a custom ticket field with the different ways tickets are received, align it to the tags - and then add it as a column in your view (?)  Let us know if that gets you closer!


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