Call Recording Format



  • Amie B

    Hey John,

    I know with Talk, when you create custom greetings for talk, it requires mono format recordings for the greetings. I'd dare say it would be the same format for when a recording is downloaded from a ticket. Twilio's help center states: The telephony standard is 8-bit PCM mono uLaw with a sampling rate of 8Khz. 

    Hopefully, someone from Zendesk will be able to further confirm my suspicion that it's a mono format. :)



  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey John,

    I confirmed with one of our Talk experts and it looks like the call is saved in mono. Unfortunately, there's no easy way to detect between the agent and the caller. There may be a 3rd party software that can help you with differentiating between the two.

    Perhaps other can jump in here and offer up an alternative solution for you.



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