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  • Evan James

    This is something our team is looking for as well. 

  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi David and Evan James

    Just to confirm, are you trying to build this in Insights or Explore?

  • David

    Either would be fine for us, but currently we're still using Insights and haven't yet migrated to Explore.

  • Amy Dee
    Zendesk team member

    Hi David! Hi Evan! You can do this in Insights with User-Specific Values in a Variable. You'll need to open the GoodData interface for this, since it's not available through the iframe in Zendesk. Just click "GoodData" on the top right of the Insights tab to get there.

    Once you're in GoodData, go to Manage > Variable and create a new variable. Give it a descriptive name, like "Assignee is current viewer." Then set the type to "Filtered Variable" and choose the Ticket Assignee attribute. You have the option to set a default value, which can come in handy if you need to apply the same filter to a lot of reports. In your case, though, you'll scroll down to the User-Specific Values section:


    In the User-Specific Values section, you can see a list of all your Insights users. By default, they're all set to "use default values." However, you can choose alternate values for each user. In this example, I set myself and Mini Tee to ourselves:


    You can apply a variable filter to your reports, metrics, and dashboards. The user-specific values mean that those users will only see the values you set in the variable. For example, I have a very simple report - # Tickets sliced by Ticket Assignee. When I apply the variable filter, Mini Tee and I only see our own tickets:


    It's the same report with the same filter. It just shows different results, because the users viewing the report have different settings in the variable.

    Variable filters often take a lot of time to set up, and they can be tedious to maintain. It's all manually selected. However, once you create the variable and set all those values, you can easily apply it to any report. That will save you a lot of time going forward, since you don't need to create a lot of messy report filters. You can manage all of it in one place.

    I hope this helps! Happy reporting!

  • David

    Hi Amy, delayed reply here but just want to say thanks for the great breakdown! I tried it out myself and I believe this is exactly what I was looking for. Appreciate the step-by-step guideline, it helped me figure it all out.

  • Evan James

    Hi Amy, thanks for the breakdown. I will give it a shot and follow up should we have any issues. 


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