Zendesk Text - How are people sending files/pictures?


  • Christo de Klerk

    Likewise, our customers expect that they can text us images/photos. Is there any way or a configuration we can use to allow customers to text us images/photos?

  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Christo - 

    There is not a setting or configuration to enable this, since the texting uses SMS and not MMS. MMS would be required in order to send images. Your best bet is probably something like what John suggested, with using cloud storage and sharing links. 

  • Kim Wilson

    It would be helpful if you could at least disable the ability to even upload attachments when the ticket is using SMS...a lot of times my employees send images not even realizing they are not getting through to the customer just because we have so many methods of contact.  


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