Using Power Automate to create a ticket and set custom fields


  • Cory LaPlante
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    This is something I've been doing a fair amount of lately, using Microsoft Forms as you are. The way I've handled the flow is to use the Zendesk API to generate a ticket rather than using the existing Zendesk connector in Power Automate. I found there were some limitations with the Zendesk connector (including custom fields) that could be worked around with the API.

    So, if you use the HTTP action as a step following the Forms response, you can create a ticket that includes updates to custom fields (in the example below, I highlighted the custom field, down at the bottom of the body section.

  • Denny Parsons
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    hello cory,


    Would you please be so kind as to provide the flow steps the you used to create this.


    i really need assistance :(


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