I wish there was a way to seperate Macros



  • Sushant Awalekar
    Community Moderator

    Hi Jeremy

    You can create the folders by entering a double colon ("::") in the macro name. Something like Folder1: Macro1 Folder2:Macro2 which creates a nested list of macros.

    In your case you can make two folders for Full Agents and Light Agents respectively. For Ex.

    Full Agent :: Macro 1

    Full Agent :: Macro 2

    Full Agent ::Macro n

    LA :: Macro 1

    LA :: Macro n

    This way you can group your macros into the folder like structure so that this double colon("::") will lift up your pain of searching macros.

    I have recorded sample gif so you can easily visualise it 



    Hope this helps!!!



  • Jeremy Heath

    Interesting, I didn't know that existed.

    The only downside with that I guess is you are doubling the clicks to get to the macro when using them.

    I was more streamlining so mine were at the top so less time to find them.

    One solution I found was to add a full stop at the start of the title

    .[ My Title ] etc

    Because of the way it sorts the full stop is always the primary.


    The other solution was just to remove myself from the group of Light Agents

    Then in the ticket I can only see my Macros.


    Not perfect but workable


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