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  • Sushant Awalekar
    Community Moderator

    Hi James,

    On Zendesk UI You can't search or a view to display multiple tickets by the IDs, But zendesk  has REST API to achieve this, where you can just pass the ticket ids to get the result like below{}

    You can find more on show multiple tickets here

    Hope this helps!!


  • Jonathan March
    Community Moderator

    (Also responding to the same inquiry from another user):

    As Sushant commented, there's no direct way to do this. If his API suggestion is beyond your bandwidth, then:

    * if the list of ticket numbers is ad-hoc / one-time, then copy/pasting the ticket numbers one-by-one into the search bar is probably your best bet.

    * If you are preparing a list of ticket numbers to communicate to another person, then the easiest is probably just to paste them one-by-one into another ticket, like "#123 #234 #345" where they become a series of clickable links.

    * Or if you copy the full zendesk ticket URLs into an email or other doc that supports clickable links, they can be quickly opened, but still one-by-one. Note that for this to work as desired with all ticket tabs in the same browser tab, you need a browser extension like Quicktab 


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