Clarity on Time Travel widget



  • Chris H
    Zendesk team member

    Hello Saxon!

    The time travel widget is notoriously picky. The best option for this is to utilize Bookmarks and the standard time filter as both of these options are superior and do essentially the same thing as time travel. I would not be surprised if the time travel widget were to be removed in coming updates to Explore. Let me know if bookmarks and time filters will work for you! Or I can open a ticket for us to work on this deeper! 



  • Saxon Clay

    Hey Chris H, thank you for the response!

    Funny enough, Time Filter + Bookmarks is exactly how I've been getting around this, though needing to use two filters in conjunction to accomplish what an existing feature *should* already do is definitely not the most effective resolution for us. 

    I would absolutely appreciate if the Time Travel widget would work as expected, or if the documentation could be updated to elaborate on "notoriously picky" and how it can actually be used in production, as this is conceptually a really useful filter for gaining context in reporting. 

    Thank you! 


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