Personal/Teams Dashboard display on home screen


  • Jason D.

    Not sure if that is possible as they are 2 different systems, there might be an app for that. What I do is I have everything bookmarked in my browser and it will go straight there.

  • Chandra Kanth

    Hi Jason,


    Thanks for the information. Currently we are also bookmarking but not a great idea. It can be work around. Normally any latest reporting tools offers dashboards availability on home screen rather than bookmarking. So not a show stopper but would be great if zendesk can take a step towards this too.



  • Tim Grimshaw

    Hey Chandra, Hm, that's odd - I don't seem to have the menus that you've mentioned, so maybe we have different options or something, but I normally use the 'grid' view top right in Zendesk Support - like this - which then lets me hit 'Explore' which then takes me to the Dashboard list. 

    It's still not as quick as a bookmark, but I think is still a few less clicks that the other method - if you have access to it? 


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