2 Features: Master/Slave dashboard & Environnent variables.



  • Rob Stack
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Christian, this is a great feedback request and I know that it's something being considered.

    In the meantime, while it's not one hundred percent a solution for you, I wondered if using the information in this article might help. It's lets you use custom URLs to open a dashboard to a particular set of filter settings.


  • Christian Farley

    Hi Rob.
    Should there be a link to the article you mention?

    Passing filter values through the URL arguments is interesting. Although it seem like an easy thing to reverse engineer? Some of these organization are actual competitors, and they could easily guess each other's filter values?  

  • Rob Stack
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Christian, my apologies. I've edited my post above to add the URL.

    Using URLs is definitely not a perfect solution though it does use internal IDs rather than names. Still, I'd recommend discussing it with your security department before using it.

    I'll certainly keep this article up to date when a more secure solution is available. I'm afraid I don't have a timeline of when that might be though.

  • Amie B

    Hi Rob,

    I also have this same issue as well. It's quite tedious having to rely on the clone option when you are managing explore for a Zendesk that has a large amount of data and large zendesk setup. 

    I was about to submit a feature request for a Dashboard Template option... same as a master which you can have the default things built on it and then use that as the basis for a new dashboard. The ability to be able to have more than 1 dashboard template would also be great because different parts of the business require different filters etc. 

    The creation of reports and dashboards is easy in Explore. However, explore is truly lacking the proper capabilities to be able to manage reports and dashboard creation on a large scale. Right now there's so much repetitive work that chews out my time and makes me dislike explore a bit more every day. 

    Off the back of this, I also find it very tiresome that there's no way to set a default report header color for any of my reports created. It always diverts back to the Explore blue color. I want the reports to align with the company's branding color. I do see there's color options within the report and minimal color options in the admin settings, but nothing to set the default color for the report header as the standard color. 

  • Dan Ross
    Community Moderator

    +1 to this suggestion! We're just starting down the road of migrating a mature insights instance into Explore and this is definitely the biggest painpoint we're experiencing. Ability to create a master template (or templates) for reuse would be stellar. Right now, there's a lot of repetitive tedium involved in the process. 


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