Calculating a daily unique average, when some tickets appear in multiple distinct days


  • Hannah Meier
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    Hi Saxon Clay

    The problem with this query where it is strictly counting unique ticket IDs and excluding tickets that were worked over multiple days is because you're using the D_COUNT() aggregator to count these tickets. 

    The D_COUNT() aggregator counts all distinct values. 

    The COUNT() aggregator counts all values (so it will count the duplicates you described above)

    For more information about metric aggregators, you can see this article.

  • Saxon Clay
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    Hannah Meier thank you for the response!

    Our agents will send multiple replies per ticket, so if I'm using COUNT(Tickets updated w/public comment) I will get multiple instances of the same Ticket ID per day, to the point that I'm instead counting how many public comments an agent made per day instead of how many unique tickets were worked which still throws off our results. 

    I need to specifically retrieve the unique ticket IDs worked on a per-day basis, and then average those counts for the full year. 


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