How do I sign up for the Content Blocks EAP?



  • Ruth Crespo

    Hi there, will this feature allow us to be able to add the same article to multiple sections without having to duplicate it? And if so, how might we be able to access the BETA version? This would really help us with some of IA designs

  • DS RF

    Content Blocks (in its unfinished state) does not yet support the full mirroring of all article content such as images, for instance.  It's their plan to eventually get there, but everything is still "in development." 

    At the moment, though, if you just have paragraphs of text, then, yes, you'd essentially be able to have two different articles that contain the same "content," and you'd be able to update the text in one place, which would be reflected in both.

    Follow the link in Katarzyna's post and fill out the form to be considered for their EAP (Early Access Program—AKA the beta version).

  • Paul Kiersey

    This post mentions that the feature is expected for release in July 2020. Given the date has surpassed, is there an updated expected date? I've just filled out the form for the EAP, but still curious as to when the release might be.

  • Katarzyna Karpinska
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Paul Kiersey Thank you for signing up, I'll make sure that you can see content blocks on your account this week. The July 2020 date was for the start of EAP :) and we are planning to have it available for all Enterprise customers this spring.

  • Paul Kiersey

    Fantastic! Thanks a million Katarzyna!

  • Aron Suarez

    HI Katarzyna Karpinska

    I have also filled out the EAP form, can activate this also for my account?

    Best Aron

  • Marci Abraham

    I stumbled here while trying to figure out how to create tabs in my articles....found something about CSS in content blocks. What? Content blocks? I landed here and WOW!! this might be the best-kept Zendesk secret EVER!! Hope to get into the EAP ASAP....we are importing and rearranging a whole bunch of content right now, and this would be FANTASTIC timing ;-)


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