Support for running multiple Zendesk apps in development


  • Greg - Community Manager
    Zendesk Developer Support

    Hi Kevin Ingersoll! I appreciate the background that you've shared with your request, so thank you for including that! I can see the reason that you'd want to run multiple apps outside of production at the same time and I was surprised when I looked around and didn't notice that this has come up before. Or maybe it has and I just missed it! Anyway, I will share this with that product team when we connect late next week. Once we have time to chat about it a bit, I'll post back here with an update on this request. 

    In the interim, I'd like to see if we can find some solutions for you! There are a few, so I'll those with you:

    • You could use the Sandbox to test these apps. The downside being here that you don't have real data to test against, so that may not work for you.
    • You could install this in your production instance and use the Role Restrictions option to narrow the set of users down. It may even be helpful to just create a role for you/app devs and then restrict the app to that role only until it's production ready.
    • In tandem with the above, you can append ?app_ids=appid1,appid2 so that during testing, you're only running those apps, which might help a bit!

    I'll drop you an update when I spoke to that team in a couple of weeks regarding the option to run multiple apps via ZAT though!


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