Send every new community post to a specific topic and remove the new post topic drop-down menu



  • Kasper Sørensen
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    Hi Richard Barrett,

    You will have to do a bit of heavy handed theme customisation to achieve this. So it assumes some basic HTML knowledge and that you're comfortable editing your theme's code in Guide Admin.

    I'm gonna look at the case of making the "New post" page always submit posts to the same topic first. I think that once you understand how that is done, then the rest becomes simple.

    So in the theme editor, open the file new_community_post_page.hbs in the theme editor. Locate the snippet that inserts the topic selector. It has something like "{{select 'topic'}}" in it. This whole section of the template you will want to replace with a hidden topic selector:

    <input type="hidden" name="community_post[topic_id]" value="TOPIC_ID" />

    Where TOPIC id is replaced by the ID of your topic. You can find that ID simply by going to the topic and copying the long number out of the URL :-)


  • Richard Barrett
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    Kasper Sørensen I'm comfortable editing the theme's code in Guide admin and thank you very much for your help. you saved me a lot of time.


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