Automation Bug?


  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator

    Hi Alejandro Colon,

    That's interesting!

    Would you kindly test this by previewing what happens if you change the 23 to a 0 or just blank if it lets you?

    I hope that works because you can move those to the OR condition (Any).

    I'd suggest using Hours since update OR 23 Hours since Assignee Update if the above test doesn't work.



  • Alejandro Colon

    Heather Rommel

    Thank you for replying. But, none of those options work. 

    I have attached screenshots below. 

    I cannot change 23 to Blank.

    Changing 23 to 0 does not find the ticket. 

    I removed the hours since assignee update and it shows.

    I cannot add any "hours since" to any. We are on the same wavelength as I had thought of that as well.

    I cannot use "Hours since update" as I have automations that update the ticket as part of this reminding automation. That is why I used the "Hours since Assignee update" in this automation.


    Have you confirmed this is a bug?


    Screenshots Here:

  • Brandon Tidd
    Community Moderator

    Hi Alejandro Colon,

    Thanks for participating in our AMA!

    I'm not sure this is a bug so much as an unfortunate case of literal translation.  In the case which an assignee has not updated the ticket, there's nothing to "start" the clock, thus the automation fails.  That said, I think you can work around this with... another automation!

    The first step would be to trigger a tag to be added on the first assignee update:

    From there you could use an automation to check for that tag specifically, leveraging the "Hours Since Assigned" condition.  This automation would run only once at the 24 hour mark so long as the tag is absent.  Should you need to check at 2 or 3 days, you could easily clone the automation, replacing the 24 with 48 or 72 hours.

    I do have a little bit of concern that your shared "every 24 hour" automation is really more of an "every hour after hour 23" automation, but it sounds like maybe you have some additional automations that nullify that condition on non-relevant hours.  Hope this helps!


  • Alejandro Colon

    Brandon Tidd

    I believe that this is a bug based on the description of the condition. So, either the condition or description should be updated.

    Personally, I believe that the condition should reflect the hours since creation if there is no assignee update. 

    But, I could see there being reasons why it should stay as is. 


    My reason for posting this was to confirm if it was a bug and if it would be adjusted/fixed.


    I like your idea but for my purposes, I would probably do the opposite. 

    On ticket creation, I would add a tag that if applied would trigger the same or cloned automation.

    On a ticket update by the assignee, I would remove the tag and allow the original automation to work as intended. 

    In my case, the current automation works as intended for every use case with the exception of if the assignee has never interacted with the ticket. 


    Another solution could be to simulate the agent interacting with the ticket to "start" the clock. 


    Again this all goes back to whether or not this is a bug and whether or not it is adjusted/fixed. 


    I appreciate your concern over my every 24 automation actually being an every hour after 23 hours automation. This is actually purposefully set as I have other automations that add a tag that the automation checks for. 

    The workflow works something like this:

    The automation above checks to see if a ticket requires a response from the agent. It does this by checking for a tag that is set by another automation. I do not want my agents to be notified more than once per 24 period hence the above 23 hour condition. 

    The other automations are based on the time since last response from an agent and the status of the ticket, with different time requirements for different status'. In my case, every 24 hours for open tickets, 7 days for Pending tickets that are not going to close, and 7 days for On-Hold tickets. 

    I plan on writing all of this up in a tip for other Zendesk Admins. 

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Alejandro,

    To determine if this is a bug or not, we will need to create a ticket on your behalf so we can take a look at your automation and the ticket that's running into this issue.

    You'll receive an email shortly stating your ticket has been created.

    Feel free to reply back to that email with any additional information you have available.


  • Alejandro Colon

    Brett Bowser

    Thanks. But, I already had a ticket created from this article. 


    That reminds me that I also have a ticket open for a bug that does not allow an end-user to see that a ticket has been created from a post. 


    The ticket you created:

    The previous ticket created from this post:

    My ticket reporting the aforementioned bug:


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