Trigger's email notifications should be visible in message tab of ticket


  • Carsten Falborg
    Community Moderator

    Hi Marta

    I understand where you come from. It would be nice to see all communications with the customer in one thread!

    As you have found out Zendesk doesn't do that. You can see it by clicking Events in the ticket view though:

    The only other solution i can think of is to send the info you need to a HTTPS target in Zendesk, writing the info to the Zendesk API creating an internal note in that ticket (Not something Zendesk endoreces, since it can create what is called a race condition/loop in your triggers, but it can be done).

  • Phil Williams

    We use the method here for adding comments:

    Rather than the full email content we just add a note briefly stating what's been done.

    As Carsten states though watch out for how the triggers work with each other as its very easy to create a race condition which can be a pain.

  • Marta Jacuk-Zurak


    We are now using API which is submitting a macro where we set up a Public Reply. This is our workaround to have all communication in one thread in the Conversation tab on the ticket.

    The fact that it appears in Event tab is not enough, cause agents has so many tickets that they might simply miss it and it took time to get to Event tab, look for the trigger which is sending a notification and check if the text of the message is what they are looking for. Having the text as a message in Conversation is much simpler and quicker for agents.

    My thought is that, if we are sending any message to Customer/requestor it should appear in the Conversation tab - no matter how it was sent (trigger, automation, macro, target, etc.) as this is part of a Conversation. The fact, that trigger or automation was fired, and what happened should stay in The Event tab - it helps to investigate if something go wrong.

    Other messages, should be visible as internal notes or as it is now, only in the Event tab.

    I just think it is worth to think about this if any changes in Support are going to be made :)



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