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  • Dan Cooper
    Community Moderator

    Hi Susana Fernandez,

    Zendesk has an app in the marketplace called Select an Address that will allow you to do this.  It looks like the ability to assign a default email address to a specific group is a paid feature of the app but you could use the app to allow your team to manually set an email address for free as well.

    You can also setup triggers to automatically route emails from one support address to a specific group in Zendesk.  Look at the Received at condition to set the support address.  If most of your tickets are generated via email, this would have all of your tickets automatically set to the correct email address.  However, web based tickets would need to have their support address changed by the Select an Address app listed above. 

  • Susana Fernandez

    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for your comment!

    I've looked at the Select an Address App and indeed, it's a paid feature...

    I'm currently testing the trigger approach. The Received At condition didn't quite work, so now I'm trying setting the Assignee is condition. Hopefully, it'll work!

  • Dan Cooper
    Community Moderator

    Hi Susana, 

    Received At only shows up on email tickets by default.  You would need to have your web based tickets route to the group using some other indicator and your team would need to manually select the outbound address in Select an Address app to set a Received at address on the ticket. 

    If you have a developer in house, you could implement the Select an Address functionality yourself by updating a ticket's recipient field via the App Framework when the ticket is opened and the group matches your parameters.  I used to do that with a previous role before Select an Address even had a paid option.

    Note that there are ways to set fields via the API using triggers and targets, and a few community posts that explain how to do that. I've found that pushing the recipient address to a ticket this way via the API is not reliable enough to change the recipient address before an email is sent and you might accidentally send from the wrong outbound email address.  A caveat being that you might be able to set the value on ticket creation if you have a slower turnaround time - but there is always an edge case related to something routing to the wrong group or needing to pass a ticket over.  In those cases, it's typically better to not go this route if the outbound email is critical for you. 

    Select an Address is likely the cleanest option to make sure you have the right outbound address today without custom development.  The paid version appears to help minimize a human error component of remembering to set the field correctly. 


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