Migrating from Jira Server to Jira Cloud



  • Ron de Vries

    Update from ZenDesk:

    This cutover can be done by using JIRA API's to export all existing links via the List LInks endpoint and re-establish the links upon completing the igration via the Create Link endpoint. 


  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Thanks for coming back and sharing the solution you received, Ron!

  • Raymond Brookes

    Thanks for the advice here. I am having a problem bulk updating the links, I think it is to do with how I am formatting my json payload.

    I am POSTing to the endpoint https://{XXX}.zendesk.com/api/services/jira/links

    I have successfully updated one of the links using postman with the json format:

        "link": {
            "ticket_id": 10000,
            "issue_id": 20000,
            "issue_key": "XX-1234"
    To update multiple links I though this would work, but apparently not:
        "link": [
                "ticket_id": 50000,
                "issue_id": 60000,
                "issue_key": "YY-1234"
                "ticket_id": 30000,
                "issue_id": 40000,
                "issue_key": "ZZ-1234"
    Can anyone help me format my request so I can update multiple records please? Or provide some other guidance please?
    Many thanks


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