New message mark (blue dot) in Parent ticket


  • Marta Jacuk-Zurak


    Could you please advise if this will be added or not?


  • Toby Sterrett
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Marta Jacuk-Zurak I think what is happening is that if you are replying in a child ticket that you created as a side conversation, the blue dot will not appear for you since you're the author of the message. The system sees that the agent ID that created the message is the person viewing, so it considers it as being read. The blue dot should appear if a different agent replies in the child ticket.

  • Marta Jacuk-Zurak

    Hi Toby Sterrett,

    Thank you for the heads up - you're correct. When I logged as a different agent, made a public reply in Child ticket, log out and log in as my admin account and open the Parent ticket the blue dot appeared.

    So all works as it should, thank you :)


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