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  • Chris Bulin
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    Hi Alexandra Caldas when I want to compare two years that have split months like that, I put the year in the columns so I can see a side by side. You could also add them as a row above the months, and that will re-order them with 2019 on top.

    I'm attaching examples of what both of these look like in practice.

  • Melissa Norton
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    Hi Alexandra Caldas,

    Did you create the query with the attribute "Ticket Solved - Year" as well? I've found out (the hard way) that if you put the "Ticket Solved - Year" ABOVE the "Ticket Solved - Month" it will sort the information in chronological order:

  • Alexandra Caldas
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    Yes! Thank you Melissa Norton and Chris Bulin, this at least solves the table issue! I'm having issues seeing this on a line graph, so I have to figure out why it's not displaying to verify if it reads correctly (that the dates will organize correctly on X-axis), but at least it gets me out of the current jam. Thank you again!


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