Feature Request: Add a way to deprioritize search results


  • Erik Johnson

    Thanks for posting Alejandro Colon!

  • Alejandro Colon

    No problem.

    If you do not mind, please add your use case and any other information you think might be relevant. This will help the Product Managers to see how this would affect you and potentially others.

    More information and support by the community would increase the likelihood that it will be added.

  • Ellen Livengood

    I have a similar request. The Article Suggestion search sometimes prefers certain articles with no rhyme or reason that we can determine. In some cases we have tried adding/removing labels, rewording, changing titles, various other tactics, and whatever we do does not consistently prevent a seemingly random choice to pop to the top of the list of suggested articles. It would be helpful to be able to either: 1) de-prioritize certain articles (similar to promoting, but the opposite), or 2) trace in some way the thought process of the algorithm to better determine what (if anything) we could do further to solve the issue. In other words - for a given phrase or sentence, here are the results, and here are the different weightings that came into play (keywords, title, # of instances of keywords, etc) for each.


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