Sorting deletes query



  • Kay
    Community Moderator

    Moved to Feedback for Support.

    Status: Couldn't reproduce.

    1. ✅ Enter query in searchbar hit enter 
    2. ✅ Sort results by either requested/updated
    3. ✅ Query shows results and query.

    Please provide a screen capture if this is still happening. 

  • Alex Braubach

    Thanks, after review I have a correction to my repro and found an additional bug. 

    Device: Lenova Thinkpad / Windows / Chrome 


    1. Enter query using tags. Sample query 'tags:jira_6745' 

    2. Hit enter > observe tickets with related tag are being displayed

    3. Sort tickets by hitting either requested/updated buttons 

    4. Observe that the 'tags:jira_6745' disappears from query and is replaced by `order_by:created_at sort:desc` 

    5. Expected result: the query should be 'tags:jira_6745 order_by:created_at sort:desc` 


    Cont. bug: 

    6. (either add tags again to query) or hit the Requested/Updated again 

    7. Hit Requested/updated again 

    8. Observe Search Bar goes empty 

    9. Expected result the query would remain in Search Bar 


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