URGENT: Error code 500 with whatsapp integration after few months of integration



  • Kay
    Community Moderator

    Hi Ruchit Rami 👋

    This can happen if the person who set up the integration is no longer an agent. Here's types of situation when it occurs.

    • Person has left the company and has become an end-user
    • Account owner was changed

    The resolution looks something like this:

    • Delete the end-user (fastest and ugliest)
    • Remove integration from particular user (follow these steps explicitely)
      - Retrieve credentials of that particular user upgrade that user to admin
      - Login as this user
      - Go to the user profile and security settings
      - All the way below remove the integration.
      - Login back in as yourself, end set the user to end-user again
      - Let the account owner go to the Whatsapp integration page, all should be good now



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