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    Erika Camille Sundian
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    Hello Jeremy Clanton,

    We certainly understand the use case of being able to add a border or grid line between the columns and rows.

    There is a setting called Show grid line which is customization available depending on your Visualisation Type. Since you are using the Table type, it is expected that there will not be a line between each column, the line will only be between the column headers themselves. This is currently a limitation specifically for Table type of query.

    The workaround we would suggest is to try editing the grid color or you can try using a different Visualization type to help you present your query results like LineBar, or Auto. These types have the Show grid option under Chart configuration > Chart > Show Grid.

    I would recommend reaching out to our Product Feedback forums and suggesting this change so our devs can consider implementing it in a potential future update. :)

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