Creating re-open ticket report by macros


  • Andrei Kamarouski

    Hi @...

    I guess you need to know what is the rate of One-Touch tickets for macros used in those tickets, correct? 

    There is a recipe for Macros usage reporting in Explore. You just need to add the metric of % One-Touch tickets there. 

    P.S. Check our app for Macros Reporting too. We are going to have a report like you requested (incl % One-Touch, CSAT and other metrics). 

  • Melanie Scarth

    Andrei Kamarouski,


    thank you.


    The problem that I am facing here , is that Zendesk does not seem to generate all tags from macros in one view ( we are adding more tags for specific things ) , so I have to manually select them all .

    I was looking for a IS version. 

    • Meaning IF a ticket is tagged with a tag from a macro then generate a report.
    • I will add the One touch tickts count , that said Thank you emails will be included.
  • Andrei Kamarouski

    Hi Melanie Scarth

    There some workarounds to count tags in a very specific way (like this one). If you would like to get tailored advice feel free to contact us via our website. 


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