Allow email addresses to be CC'd that are not users


  • Sagi M. Welzman

    Hey Jacob Mattison 


    Although not a free app,  it works great 

    I'm been using this for over a year and I highly recommend 

    Please take into consideration that it's auto cc  which means you add first the cc in an organization  / user respectively in order to work. 


  • Jacob Mattison

    HI, Sagi. Thanks for the suggestion, but if I'm understanding what this does, I'm not sure it would help us. Our need is for end users to be able to CC other people, who may be different on every ticket, and who we don't know about. For example, a user in the admissions department (who is a user in our application) puts in a ticket about making payments, and needs to CC someone from the finance department (who isn't a user in our app). Later, they put in a different ticket about web service imports and they need to CC someone from the IT department (who also isn't a user in our app).

  • Melissa Lindsey

    We experience this same issue. Some customers may CC colleagues that are relevant to the issue, but those colleagues are not users in Zendesk. Is there anyway to allow this?


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