• Dan Ross
    Community Moderator


    We would also find this feature beneficial. Especially if we were able to push failures live to another tool like Slack or MS Teams would be great at resolving issues BEFORE a target self-disables.


  • Peter Hochstrasser

    This is really needed badly.

    I use a target to set the organization and the requester (which is always their support system), as well as the current release of our software they are using, all in one target call.

    Now, progress hits, and they decided to change the mail address of their support system. I duly updated the requester's address by merging it with another address...

    Result: All of a sudden, we have a lot of their tickets not assigned to the correct organization, and the affected version of the software is also empty.


    A few days later, I stumble upon the panel with the webhook failures - by pure chance - and all of a sudden, all is crystal clear.

    An alert upon the first failure to the main admin of our Zendesk domain, or to all admins, would have helped tremenduously to find the problem quickly.

    Ideally, the target call action would allow to inscribe a user to notify if problems occur.


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