Calculated metric for an 'Adjusted Abandoned Calls' metric


  • Brandon Tidd
    Community Moderator

    Hi Jay McCormack - 

    Welcome to Zendesk, and kudos to you for diving in head first!  You're actually very close.  Since we're nesting conditions within your IF THEN statement, you'll need an extra set of parentheses.  What's critical here is actually the naming convention of the elements in the Call Wait Time Brackets.  See Below:

    IF ([Call wait time brackets] = "15-30 sec"
    OR [Call wait time brackets] = "30-60 sec"
    OR [Call wait time brackets] = "60-300 sec"
    OR [Call wait time brackets] = ">300 sec")
    AND ([Call completion status]="Abandoned In IVR"
    OR [Call completion status]="Abandoned In Queue"
    OR [Call completion status]="Abandoned In Voicemail"
    OR [Call completion status]="Abandoned On Hold")
    THEN [Call ID]

    This will return abandoned calls > 15 seconds.

    You can learn more about IF THEN statements here.You might also enjoy learning about adding multiple conditional expressions using SWITCH

    Hope this helps!


  • Jay McCormack

    Thanks Brandon,

    I guess that was just sloppy programming on my part. I appreciate you cleaning that up.

    It looks like it is giving me the results I expect now.


  • Brandon Tidd
    Community Moderator

    I'll give you a free pass for not knowing the nuances of the system by the end of day one... :-) Glad it worked for you!


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