Agent Performance reports in Explore - what KPIs are people measuring in Zendesk?


  • Hillary Latham
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    We have not created a team explore dashboard yet.  For our Tier 1 team, workflows and groups in Zendesk Support are by customer.  Our Tier 2+ teams are in many groups and tickets often pass between several groups when getting resolved.  We map agents to customers with groups in Support, but there are so many.  As a result, we haven't found a simple way to create a team dashboard yet.

    What we do is export data (we were also doing this in Insights) about types of tickets that would fall to our team (based on some ticket fields and customers), then manipulate the data in explore to get team trends for # of tickets and total resolution time; this way we can map to team size by a certain date and account for new team members lower ticket levels as they onboard or team member absences.

    We do have a few dashboards for individual metrics that have filters to see individual team member performance.  Technically the dashboard without any filters would be the entire team, but we don't use it for that, and I can't say for sure that dashboard would give the correct stats.


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