New company logo is not showing in email (trigger)


  • Kay
    Community Moderator

    Hi Dirk Molenaar welkom in de community!

    I'll continue in English.
    What's the contents of the trigger under action, so we can advise better?

    Could you also check that under Settings > Email there might be an image there.

  • Dirk Molenaar

    Hi Kay,

    The text of the email is:


    Beste {{}},

    Uw support aanvraag ({{}}) is bijgewerkt. Heeft u aanvullende vragen en/of opmerkingen, reageer dan op deze e-mail.


    Met vriendelijke groet,

    Supportteam Motify

    <img src="">

    Pelmolenlaan 2, 3447 GW Woerden

    Denk aan het milieu voordat u dit bericht print!



    The former company-logo was uploaded in Zendesk during the trial-period, url:

    <img src="">

    The former company-logo is still shown in the email and not the new logo.

    Only the email on the trigger I mentioned earlier shows the new logo.


    We have no image under Settings/email:

    II hope you can do something with this information.



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