Routing chats during busy times, i.e. an overflow queue of sorts


  • Gail L
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Jay,

    Chat doesn't have overflow group routing in the same manner that Talk does. The issue with trying to set this up is going to be that chat routing depends on online status, it routes to the next available agent who hasn't a chat in the longest time (the default functionality is trying not to max people out to their limit in order to try to spread the load).

    The simplest option to get you closer to what you want might be to have the backup person signed into chat as invisible to prevent auto-routing to them, and when chat has had a traffic spike your primary chat support person can ask the other person to switch to online status to pick up the next incoming chat until things calm back down (selecting another agent in chat will open an internal chat window with them for a quick way to ping team members). It won't be automatic overflow routing, but it would hopefully be pretty straightforward. 


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