Client users sharing same email domain, syncing to wrong Salesforce account


  • Ana-Alicia

    I am very curious to learn more about this as we are actually seen this on foundational scale of common domains like,, etc and we have 1000s of clients so also not scalable to manually make a lift on each user. 

    Do you run into this Jimmy Rufo also with common domains? Or just more unique ones? 

    This inconsistency has led our teams to not have confidence in the sync with Salesforce and in fact rather than cutting down on time, it is necessary for them to open a separate tab of SF to look for the user. 

  • Jimmy Rufo

    Hi @Ana-Alicia

    We run across this issue for corporate domains only really.

  • Marilena Kyriakou

    Hi Jimmy Rufo and @Ana-Alicia,

    I would be very interested to know more about this as we face the same issue.

    We use the Salesforce ID and our client's account ID in our platform fields, to determine the Organization of an email address. That also requires a level of manual work, for example in the scenario a member of a certain team with an email domain similar to the parent company reaches out to support, and his email is not logged in anywhere (first timer), someone needs to go to SF, add it and make sure everything gets updated - not ideal.

    We even thought of re arranging all of our account hierarchy within Salesforce, I am also looking for ideas here :) 

  • Ana-Alicia

    Hi everyone, 

    We reviewed the Salesforce / Zendesk sync, and it looks like we automatically map the 'salesforce website' field to the zendesk 'email domains' field, which contributes to the problem since we have account in SF w/ generic websites. We are in the process now of clearing out the generic websites / domains in Salesforce and in Zendesk tomorrow.  Our team has also added a validation rule in SF so that people cannot update or create accounts with a generic email domain as the website (ie at the Sales pitch stage / prospecting). 

    We are exporting a list of users so to clean those up as well. 

    Hopefully this solves the issue. Let me know if either of you Jimmy Rufo Marilena Kyriakou have made progress on your ends or found a solution. 


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