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  • Amie B

    Hey Bapbapa,

    1. When a value on the end-users profile is selected in the custom drop-down list, it will add a tag to the user's profile.

    2. From that point, when the end-user then submits a ticket, any tag which is linked to their profile, will be automatically populated on the ticket.

    3. If the tag which comes through from the end-users profile, onto the ticket, matches the same value as a selection from a custom-drop field on the ticket, then the field will auto-populate from that point. 

    There's no need to use the API to achieve this. 

    This should help you with getting this to work. You only need to push a tag from the profile to the ticket created. Not concentrate on custom fields in a target like from your screenshots. :)




  • Hi! Thank you so much for your response!

    What you described for one of the fields works for us. But it doesn't work for the office field, unfortunately.


    There are more than 50 values in the drop-down list. And every time we see a new ticket or fill in this field in the user card, nothing happens in the ticket field. The tags are the same.

    This is why I want to configure the api.

  • Amie B


    You're welcome and thanks for the update. I'm no expert on the API so not able to help you directly there, but I was having a think about this and perhaps you could utilize the User Data app from the Zendesk marketplace for your needs instead? 

    Zendesk User Data App

    It can display the customers data from the user profile, within the app, which is then visible to the agent on the ticket when they are viewing the information. I know it's not pulling the data directly into a ticket field. But if the purpose it to just display the information then perhaps this might suffice for you. 

    The user information is still available in reporting so you can create a report with the user and ticket information together to pull the type of report you need as well. 

    Something to think about in case it hasn't crossed your mind. :)




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