Ability to enter a public facing update without sending an email to customer.


  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    Emails are sent to customers via triggers. So it how your triggers are configured that determines if an email sent to a customer following a public reply.

    What you could do is add a check box as a ticket field called ' Suppress Email for this Public Comment'.

    Now modify the trigger that sends notifications to customers to check if this field and only send if it is not checked.

    Because you do not want this setting to apply to all future public comments, you will need to create a new trigger. This will check if the 'Suppress Email for this Public Comment' box is checked and if so un-check it. Place this trigger near the end of your trigger list as you do not want it to fire before the customer notification trigger is evaluated.

    Agents do not have to concern themselves on how the triggers are set. And once set up there should be no further maintenance. Agents have one check box to tick when processing a public comment to suppress the notification to the customer. 

    Hope that helps

  • Andrew J
    Community Moderator

    Hello Gail, if the comment only needs to be visible to the agent then using private note might be your best option.the difficulty with having public replies that don't send an email is that the customer can see it if they login to view their ticket. Unless of course you don't allow logins to your help desk. You can set it so that every comment is private note by default and then they switch it to public reply if they want the email to be sent and the comment to be visible to the end user.
    Graham's suggestion to suppress the outgoing email will work nicely if that is actually what you want.


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